ZCJJ Tower Crane Factory
About Us

ZCJJ ,Shenyang Zhengchuang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd, Located in Shenyang, Chinese machinery industry manufacture and production base, and large enterprise of national construction machinery manufacturing, SYM Tower Crane Spare Parts Co., Ltd (spare parts supply and sale), Shenyang Runpeng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd (for lease), and based on original Shenyang Construction Machinery Factory (has 60 years of tower crane manufacture history), forms a tower crane industrial complex of research and design, manufacture, lease, installation and service. With an area of 1,080,000 square meters, and has become a super large manufacturing base of tower crane in domestic and overseas. Main products are “ZCJJ” brand series of tower crane, equipped with specializing production center such as metal structure, mechanical processing, heat treatment, production package, and matched with comprehensive economic entity of steel pretreatment, assembly production lines.