F023B Tower Crane Lease Rent Hire

  • F023B Tower Crane Lease Rent Hire
  • F023B Tower Crane Lease Rent Hire
  • F023B Tower Crane Lease Rent Hire
F023B Tower Crane Lease Rent Hire
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Mongolia used Tower Crane, North Korea used Tower Crane

F023B Tower Crane Lease Rent Hire

Series , Luffing jib Crane, Topkit tower crane, Hammer head tower crane, Topless tower crane, Flat top tower crane,


Jib length,   m

Max load,   Ton

Tip load,    Ton

Type, Stationary , Inter climbing ,Travelling,

And other Famous brand, Model ,  Depend on the brand , Model Ability , Year , Height and etc u want.

We have large units store.  From 6Ton to 20Ton. Store and Service all over the world.


Mean time , We supply all the Spare Parts U may need as follow,

Masts Section ,  Anchor Frame, Collar ,Tie , Fixing angle , Cabin, Hoist mech. Trolley mech. Luffing Mech. Slewing Mech. Pulley and etc.

F023B Tower Crane



F023B Tower Crane Lease Rent Hire

Tower Crane Knowledge sharing:

The connecting technology of high strength bolt of tower crane should be paid attention to

Tower crane high-strength bolt is the main component of the tower crane, tower tower cap and other parts of the connection are to rely on it to achieve, so in the tower crane assembly and disassembly must pay great attention to, ensure the appropriate pre-tightening force of high-strength bolt, this paper mainly tells the connection technology of tower crane high-strength bolt, tower crane high-strength bolt connection should pay attention to the problem.

F023B Tower Crane Lease Rent Hire

1. The end face of the bolt hole shall be flat.

2. The connection name shall be cleaned of dust, paint, grease and rust.

3. Apply butter to the thread and nut ends.

4. Torque wrench or special wrench shall be applied during installation.

5. When the use of the copy has a number of use request, should be strictly implemented.

F023B Tower Crane Lease Rent Hire


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