L68B2 Mast Section For Tower Crane Masts

  • L68B2 Mast Section For Tower Crane Masts
  • L68B2 Mast Section For Tower Crane Masts
  • L68B2 Mast Section For Tower Crane Masts
L68B2 Mast Section For Tower Crane Masts
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SCM C7056 Mast section

Products Specification

Type , Model: L68B2 Mast Section For Tower Crane Masts

Size: 2mx2mx3m 

Materials: Q345B

Within: Pins, bolts, Ladder, Platform

Process: Blasting derusting, 

Painting:  Under painting , Middle painting, Surface painting.

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L68B2 Mast Section

L68B2 Masts2m L type masts

L68B2 Mast Section For Tower Crane Masts

Buy a tower crane and rent a tower crane

The use of Tower hoists in the project is divided into two situations, namely, buying tower hoists or renting tower hoists. Then buy the tower crane and rent the tower crane that is more economical, this article will decompose for you.
If there is a successor project waiting for tower lifting construction, or there are certain conditions in the base and logistics management, it seems more economical to buy tower lifting as a fixed asset.

If it is determined that a tower crane is purchased, then it is necessary to study what kind of tower crane is the most economical to buy. Please check the article: How to buy a tower crane? Buy knowledge of Tower hoist

What questions should be paid attention to when buying a crane
In addition, under the lease of Tower hanging, the monthly rent of Tower hanging is greatly affected by the market economy. In the previous two years, the demand was excessive.

 The monthly rent depends on the seller's market and remains high. At the peak, it reached 70,000 yuan/month. At present, the monthly rent for tower hanging falls significantly, which is similar to the calculation here.

L68B2 Mast Section For Tower Crane Masts

If the monthly rent is calculated at $55,000, the entire investment(the purchase cost of the crane) can be recovered after 2 years.
The analysis of the tower crane cost shows that the cost of the 50M crane tower is about 10 inches higher than that of the 40m crane tower.

However, the effective operation range of the 50M crane tower is about 35 inches larger than that of the 40m crane tower. The use of a long tower crane can bring more convenience and flexibility to the construction and expand the service surface of the tower crane. Check out more tower crane specifications.

 This paper introduces the accident types of tower crane installation and disassembly
This article mainly explains the tower crane technical knowledge is about the tower crane installation, disassembly accident type introduction, part of the information comes from the network, only for reference use.
Type of accident in installation and disassembly of tower crane
 The installation and disassembly accident of tower crane refers to the accident of tower crane overturning and broken arm during the installation, disassembly and ascent of tower crane.

L68B2 Mast Section For Tower Crane Masts

1. Dumping accidents refer to accidents such as the overall dumping of the tower or the lifting of heavy arms, balancing arms and tower caps.
2. Broken arm accidents refer to accidents such as suspension of heavy arms or bending of balanced arms, serious deformation or fracture.
In the process of installing, disassembling and lifting a tower crane, there are also frequent accidents in which installation and disassembly workers fall from the height of the tower body and the arm frame, and objects such as tools and parts fall from the height of the tower body and arm frame to combat accidents.

The arm frame and other electric shock accidents that touch the external power line, the tower crane arm frame collision, extrusion, etc..
If you want to effectively avoid the occurrence of tower crane accidents, you must catch both personnel and equipment. Improve the technical knowledge of the operators, and do a good job in the maintenance of the tower crane and other mechanical equipment.

The tower crane is mainly composed of two parts: the tower lifting arm and the tower lifting arm
The tower crane is mainly composed of two parts, namely the tower lifting arm and the tower lifting arm.
Brief introduction and structure of Tower lifting arm
The tower lifting arm is a modular variable structure and is divided into nine sections. The upper and lower strings of the lifting arm are made of two corner steel welded square tubes. The entire arm frame is a triangular section. The joints and knots are connected by a pin shaft.

L68B2 Mast Section For Tower Crane Masts

The disassembly is convenient. In order to improve the lifting performance and reduce the weight of the boom, The boom adopts a double suspension point variable section space truss structure. In the first section of the crane arm, a small car traction mechanism is placed, and a hanging basket is set up on the car to facilitate installation and maintenance.

The first section of the arm base is connected to the pin shaft used for the rotating tower body. In order to ensure the lifting arm level, there are two hanging points in the second and sixth sections, which are connected to the tower cap through these two points.
Tower crane balance arm
The role of the traverse arm of the tower is mainly to provide a reverse torque for the lifting arm. In most cases, the balance arm of the tower crane is a structure made of steel and angle steel welding.

It is divided into two sections and connected with an earplate pin shaft. Ensure the balance of the body in the lifting process. It is one of the important tower hanging accessories.

Under what circumstances is it not possible to use tower lifting
The tower is a large mechanical device, and any negligence can cause a major accident. For this reason, strict compliance with the operation rules of Tower lifting industry, is necessary to comply with.

Our company based on the tower crane production and use experience, in what circumstances can not use tower crane operations? The question is answered as follows.
Tilt hanging, overloaded hanging, bulk holding too full or strapping, hanging edge without protection measures, hanging on the station not hanging, command signal unknown, buried in the underground components not hanging, safety device failure not hanging, dark light Unclear hanging objects are not hanging, strong winds above level 6 are not hanging.

What are the registration requirements for the Safety Officer Examination?
The tower crane safety officer is the main responsibility of the construction enterprise, the project leader and the full-time production safety management personnel.

L68B2 Mast Section For Tower Crane Masts

The safety officer must pass the safety production assessment organized by the municipal construction committee and obtain a certificate of safety production before he can hold the corresponding position.

Therefore, to sign up for the safety officer examination and understand the relevant conditions becomes information that is urgently needed by those who are interested in engaging in this industry.
Take the test condition of safety officer C in a place in Hunan province as an example. In the level of education, the reference personnel need high school, secondary school or higher education, no education, the unit seal can be issued proof.

Those who have not reached the level of education must have five years or more(must be over 23 years old) safety management work experience.
In the application conditions, the following two points are indispensable



Tower Crane Knowledge sharing:





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