Bases Fixing Angles For K639A Mast

  • Bases Fixing Angles For K639A Mast
  • Bases Fixing Angles For K639A Mast
  • Bases Fixing Angles For K639A Mast
Bases Fixing Angles For K639A Mast
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Products Specification

Type , Model: Adaptor Mast From 1.6m L40 To 1.6 K40

Size: 2M

Use for :

K60 masts   K637A masts  K639A masts 2mx2mx5m


Materials: Q345B

Process: Blasting derusting, 

Painting:  Under painting , Middle painting, Surface painting.

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Bases K639A

Fixing Angles K639A

Bases K60 2M

Bases K639A

Bases Fixing Angles For K639A Mast


Tower Crane Knowledge sharing:


 deal with the sudden power failure when the tower crane works

When the tower crane is working,how to deal with the power failure?How to carry out rescue work quickly and effectively and minimize the risk of mechanical injury

In order to ensure that the tower crane operation after a long period of sudden power failure, special emergency treatment and rescue plan. Sudden blackout tower crane emergency treatment method

A, organization,

The project department establishes the emergency rescue command team, which is responsible for command and coordination.

Second, the responsibility


Bases Fixing Angles For K639A Mast


1. Responsible for on-site command, knowing the lifting height and boom position of tower cranes, and organizing on-site rescue work.

2. Responsible for site protection, cordon setting up, order maintenance and evacuation.

3. Responsible for notifying the equipment a position to organize rescue, calling rescue personnel and eliminating danger in time.

Emergency rescue procedures

When the tower crane in the normal operation of a sudden stop fault, so that the lifting object suspended in the air. For a long time, the following emergency measures should be taken

1. All controllers shall be set to the "0" position to disconnect the total power supply

2, by the professional maintenance personnel discontinuously with the hand to open the hoist brake or open the pull handle, let the lifting object fall, each fall short distance, fall speed shall not exceed the rated speed.

finally make the lifting object to the ground.


Bases Fixing Angles For K639A Mast


3. If there are obstacles and houses under the hanging objects. The following measures should be taken

(1) according to article 2, first lower the lifting object to a safe distance above the object or the house, and then take the measures of braking the co-rotating device or pulling the wave wind rope to prevent it from turning together under the action of wind

Turn the tower crane boom back to the open place, or turn back to the safety part of the building, or temporarily put on the steel platform which can bear the tonnage of the lifting object and monitor, brake and turn together, set up the warning line, and then operate according to article 2

(2) an alert area shall be set under the lifting object, under the supervision of a special person, and personnel shall not walk or work under the lifting object.

(3) if the office area is under the hanging object, the staff in the office under the hanging object must leave temporarily and take measures according to the method in article (2)

(4) if the hanging object is a residential building below, the project department shall persuade and guide the residents in the building below the hanging object and take temporary evacuation measures;

(5) after the power is restored and connected, a comprehensive inspection shall be carried out, and then the lifting object shall be transferred to the designated place for lowering.


Bases Fixing Angles For K639A Mast


4. Immediately organize safety self-examination and self-correction, eliminate hidden dangers, and ensure construction safety

The city is the organization of all construction workers by analogy safety re-education, improve safety awareness, to comply with rules and regulations, to prevent similar accidents.

5. In case of high fall accident in the rescue process, the emergency treatment and rescue plan of high fall accident shall be implemented immediately.



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