Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr

  • Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr Manufacturers, Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr Factory, Supply Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr
  • Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr Manufacturers, Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr Factory, Supply Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr
  • Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr Manufacturers, Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr Factory, Supply Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr
Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr
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Products Specification

Type , Model: Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr

Size: 1.6M

Use for : K40 masts  K437A masts  K439A masts ,1.6m K type mast  1.6mx1.6mx5m

Materials: Q345B

Process: Blasting derusting, 

Painting:  Under painting , Middle painting, Surface painting.

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Fixing Angles 256HC

Base 256HC LiebherrLiebherr Tower Crane



Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr



Tower Crane Knowledge sharing:

In this paper, the safe operation rules of tower crane installation and removal are expounded

2. Load test

25%, 75% and 100% of the fixed lifting weight respectively at the maximum range and the maximum lifting weight corresponding to the maximum range, the test is conducted according to one requirement.

If the tower crane is to be used after installation, the safety devices must be adjusted according to relevant requirements. Tower crane safety device mainly includes: travel limit device and load limit device.

The stroke limiters are: rise height limiter, swing limiter and amplitude limiter; Load limiters are: lifting torque limiter, lifting weight limiter, in addition to the anemometer.

Inspection items after erection

Check the fastening of anchor bolts



Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr



Check the safe distance between the transmission line and the maximum rotating part of the tower crane and check the cable passing condition to prevent damage to the tower body

Check the fastening of standard joint bolts

Check the connection of the pin shaft in contact with the standard section during jacking, whether it is flexible and reliable

Check the tightness of the walkway and railings

Check the bolting of the slewing support

Check the current status of cables

Check the tightness of platform and railings

Check the connection with the driver's cab. It is strictly forbidden to store lubricating oil, cotton yarn and other inflammable items on the top of the tower in the driver's cab

Check the installation of lifting boom and balancing boom pull rod

Check the installation of escalator, platform and guardrail to ensure that the lifting wire rope is properly wound around the lifting boom

Check all connection pins, washers and openings for proper installation

Check the installation and operation of the truck and load the tightening condition of the lifting bar

Check the winding and fastening of hoisting and amplitude changing steel wire rope

Check the stability of the balance arm

Check the installation of the balance arm guardrail and the aisle to ensure that there is no debris on the aisle spreader

Check the automatic rate change device and whether the anti-tripping device of the hook is safe and reliable

Check whether there are any defects affecting the use of the hook set

Check the specification and model of hoisting and amplitude changing wire rope

Check the wear of the wire rope and the fixing mechanism of the rope end

Check the installation and operation of each mechanism and adjust the brake clearance properly

Check the traction mechanism. When the trolley runs at the minimum and maximum range respectively, there should be at least 3 safety circles on the steel wire rope of the drum

Check whether there is loose safety device in the compression of wire rope end

Check whether all safety devices are qualified according to the specification

Check the installation and fastening of all escalators, railings and rest platforms on the tower crane for lubrication


Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr


Vi. Tower crane removal

1. Disassembly of tower crane is in reverse order of assembly of tower crane.

2. When the tower crane is removed on the ground, each part can be removed gradually with a 20-ton crane in the demolition order.

3. During the demolition, the landing tower must be synchronized with the removal of the attachment rod.

Vii. Safety measures

1. When the tower crane is installed and dismantled, the wind speed shall be lower than 8m/s before proceeding.

2. Workers at the construction site shall wear safety helmet, work at height with safety belt, and have dual command on the ground and in the foundation pit.

3. Observe the foundation settlement of tower crane, whether it is inclined or not, the vertical situation of tower, and deal with problems in time. Check the lubrication status according to the operating instructions, and then lubricate

4. must strictly implement the "tower crane operation and use regulations" relevant provisions, the driver and the lifting heavy industry must hold a license.

5. Drivers are strictly prohibited to operate the machine after drinking.

6. For night operation, the construction site must be equipped with sufficient lighting facilities.

7. If any abnormality is found in the tower crane, it shall shut down and cut off the power supply. It shall be used after being checked and troubleshooting.

Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr


The concrete construction method of tower crane's repeated grounding and lightning protection grounding

The concrete construction method of tower crane's repeated grounding and lightning protection grounding

When the foundation is made, it can be embedded in advance or in the later stage, the Angle steel round steel flat steel is connected with the tower body. Concretely buried round steel or Angle steel, connected with flat steel

The ground wire in the power supply circuit for the tower crane is connected with the tower body. According to the code for design of building foundation foundation.

The characteristic value of foundation bearing capacity refers to the pressure value corresponding to the deformation specified in the linear deformation section of foundation pressure deformation curve determined by load test, and its maximum value is the limit value of proportion.

Generally speaking, the characteristic value of foundation bearing capacity is: the maximum allowable load without long-term deformation of foundation, which is the maximum value of the linear section of load-deformation curve.

Do not exceed R, otherwise the foundation will be unstable and the building will tilt or even overturn. 150 kpa = 150 kn/m2 is the land of every square metre force to withstand at least 150 kn below this value if the design can't do ~ about known item pile bearing capacity characteristic value of 600 kn, calculation of the upper floor general civil buildings.

Total load normal according to each layer of 15 kn/m2, then the dormitory the total load is in commonly 105 kn/m2, based the area of The Times, the weight of the whole building can be calculated, and then divided by single pile bearing capacity of pile number will know that need is how much.

Public construction is generally considered in accordance with 20kN/m2, the calculation is the same as above. How to calculate the allowable compressive strength times the base area.


Fixing Angles 256HC Mast Liebherr



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