L68B2 Mast SectionUnderstand the working principle of slewing mechanism


In use, the tower crane needs to use turning equipment. What is the working principle of the turning mechanism of the tower crane? How to design? What are the differences among the slewing mechanism of light, medium and heavy tower cranes? The editor of tower crane manufacturer will analyze one by one for you.

L68B2 Mast SectionL68B2 Mast Section

Working principle of slewing mechanism of tower crane:

The tower crane implements a tower type slewing mechanism, which relies on the slewing of the boom to ensure its working coverage. The generation of rotary movement is that the upper and lower rotary bearings are respectively installed on the inner and outer rings of the rotary bearing, and the rotating mechanism drives the pinion, which is meshed with the big gear of the rotary bearing to drive the movement of the upper bearing relative to the lower bearing.

Design of slewing mechanism of tower crane:

Generally, the slewing mechanism is composed of slewing motor, hydraulic coupling, planetary reducer and pinion. In addition, the slewing mechanism is equipped with limit moment limiter, slewing buffer device, slewing limiter and other safety devices as required. In order to prevent the boom from sliding under the action of strong wind, the turning mechanism is attached with a stop. However, in the non working state, the slewing mechanism shall allow the boom to rotate freely with the wind.

L68B2 Mast SectionL68B2 Mast

The slewing mechanism of light, medium and heavy tower cranes is different:

Generally, only one set of slewing mechanism is installed for light and medium tower cranes. Heavy tower crane is equipped with 2 sets of slewing mechanism. According to different lifting capacity and moment of inertia, 3-4 sets of slewing mechanism are set for super heavy tower crane. The stable speed control system and pole changing motor are adopted, which can start and brake smoothly.

L68B2 Mast Section

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