L68B2 Mast Section Installation Method and Order of Standard Festival of Tower Sling Body


Check in detail whether the connection of the mechanical parts of the tower crane is correct, check the electrical and hydraulic parts, check whether the pin shaft of the oil cylinder beam has been inserted into the pin hole of the standard section, and after checking that it is correct, prepare for the top rise.

The tower crane disconnects the connecting bolts between the lower support and the lower tower body, and then opens the oil pump to make the upper structure of the oil cylinder rise, so that the climbing claws of the climbing frame are supported on the top support plate of the tower body

The handle of the tower is lifted so that the piston rod is recovered. At this time, the beam is raised into the previous overhead support plate and climbs again. After the piston reaches a full length again, the standard section of the tower can be introduced. The tower body standard section is facing the lower tower body, the handle is manipulated, the tower body standard section is slowly lowered, and after docking, the introduction roller is drawn out, and the introduced tower body standard section is connected with the lower tower body and tightened with a bolt pair. This completed an upscaling of the tower's standard festival.

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