256HC Mast Section What inspection should be done before tower crane is used? Prevention of safety accidents


in recent years, tower cranes have been widely used with the development of the construction industry, but there are many reasons for the increasing number of tower crane accidents. Therefore, the safety of the tower crane can not be ignored, the Tower Crane Construction Machinery Plant http://www.fx68.net in this article for you to explain, tower crane before use what inspection work to do? Tower cranes should be carefully checked before use. Let me give you a brief introduction: 1. Check the site environment to ensure the safe working distance and all kinds of safe working conditions. 2. Check the foundation condition, whether there is subsidence, to ensure the Tower Crane Foundation Safety. 3. Check the safety condition of each transmission part and structure part. Check the limit device. 4. Check the structure of the Tower Crane for leakage. The wear condition of the wire rope is not damaged, whether it needs to be replaced. 5. When you start to operate, sound the siren first to alert the people around you.

256HC Mast Section

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256HC Mast Section

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