L68B3 Mast Section Points to note when tower hoist rises


After the tower is lifted to a certain height, in order to increase the stiffness and stability of the tower body, attachment facilities must be installed. The position and height of the attachment facilities installed by the tower crane are different. When pouring tower column concrete, bolts or steel plates should be pre-buried according to the design position to facilitate the connection of the attachment rod. According to the distance between the tower crane and the tower column, the attachment bar can be made of steel and can also use the attachment bar provided by the manufacturer.

 In order to prevent the standard section from being burned by welding, an attachment frame can be set outside the standard section, which is better than the adhesion force alone with the oblique pole. The connection method has two kinds of welding and bolt connection to ensure the reliability of the connection. The whole installation process of the tower crane must be carried out according to the requirements of the process and specifications. In order to ensure the installation quality and construction safety of the tower crane, it is necessary to carry out static loading(over 33 %) and dynamic loading(over 25 %) test hoisting, and check all technical indicators such as the vertical degree of the tower body and safety devices, and meet the requirements before lifting can be carried out.

L68B3 Mast Section L68B3 mast section good at  in this field

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