154HC Mast Section What are the daily maintenance items of tower crane


1. Strengthen daily inspection and maintenance. Tower crane operators shall carefully carry out daily inspection on the tower crane according to the provisions of the equipment management system, comprehensively and carefully inspect the key parts and important devices, carefully and carefully inspect them, and deal with the problems found in a timely manner.

154HC Mast Section154HC Mast Section

2. Strictly implement the maintenance system and do a good job in the maintenance of the tower crane. It is necessary to adhere to the regular maintenance system and scheduled maintenance system, and to maintain the tower crane in accordance with the maintenance and repair procedures, so that the equipment will not be damaged.

3. Operate in strict accordance with the parameters indicated in the operating instructions of the tower crane. It is strictly prohibited to use the crane in excess of the limit or overload.

4. Conscientiously implement the regulations of the competent government departments such as the state and industry on the elimination and renewal of such equipment, and all kinds of tower cranes that are explicitly eliminated by the state and governments at all levels must be stopped from use.

5. Check the effectiveness of safety devices such as moment limiter of tower crane.

154HC Mast Section154HC Mast Section

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