154HC Mast Section Safety operation procedures


Safety operation procedures for tower crane: safety inspection before and after tower crane operation, personnel management, and precautions for tower crane operation.

154HC Mast Section:

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(1) the track foundation or concrete foundation of the tower crane must pass the design and calculation, and can be used only after passing the acceptance. Side slopes and drainage facilities shall be built around the foundation, and a certain safety distance shall be kept from the foundation pit.

(2) the bearing capacity of the foundation soil of the tower crane must be strictly in accordance with the original use regulations or meet the requirements: 8-12T / ㎡ for medium-sized tower and 12-16t / ㎡ for heavy-duty tower.

(3) the disassembly and assembly of tower crane must be carried out by a professional team that has obtained the disassembly and assembly qualification certificate issued by the construction administrative department, and technical and safety personnel shall be present for supervision during the disassembly and assembly.

(4) the disassembly and assembly personnel shall wear safety protection articles, fasten the safety belt when working at heights, and be familiar with and carefully implement the disassembly and assembly process and operation procedures.

(5) when the wind force reaches level 4 or above, lifting, installation and dismantling operations are not allowed. Before jacking, check the connection of all components of the hydraulic jacking system. It is forbidden to rotate the boom and other operations during jacking.

(6) after the installation of the tower crane, the technical inspection and adjustment of the whole machine shall be carried out, and the crane can be delivered for use only after passing the inspection in stages and the whole machine. Under no load condition, the perpendicularity deviation between the tower body and the ground shall not exceed 4 / 1000. The electric motor and hydraulic device of tower crane shall be in accordance with the relevant regulations on electric motor and hydraulic device.

154HC Mast Section:


(7) the metal structure of tower crane, track and metal shell of all electrical equipment shall have reliable grounding device, the grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4 Ω, and lightning protection device shall be set.

(8) the strut arrangement, mutual spacing and wall attachment distance of each attachment device shall be in accordance with the regulations of the original factory, and the self-made strut shall have design calculation sheet.

(9) the tower crane shall not be close to the overhead transmission line for operation. If it is limited to the site conditions, safety protection measures must be taken when it must be operated beside the line. The safe distance between tower crane and overhead transmission line shall meet the requirements.

(10) during tower crane operation, there shall be enough working site, and there shall be no obstacles within the lifting and lowering of boom and turning radius of tower crane.

154HC Mast Section:


154HC Mast Section

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